Your God-breathed vision is a divine answer to a problem that humanity is facing.

Yet, it will only be realized according to the degree of clarity that you have concerning it.

Year after year, your desire for new has been eclipsed by familiar patterns because the vision just wasn’t clear…enough. But The Visionary Masterclass Series is here to shield 2024 from becoming a casualty of your comfort zone.

This intensive series is

a clarion call for leaders, entrepreneurs, and creators seeking to go beyond the ordinary, operate with precision, and maximize their impact on the world.

Are you a builder?

The Visionary Masterclass Series will help you to establish a firm foundation that will transition you from winning moments to generational legacy.

Are you a creator?

 This Series will unveil your true potential and capacity as an “answer,” handpicked by God to create solutions and serve as a distribution center for heaven’s resources on earth.

Are you a trailblazer?

 This Series will inspire you to disrupt old patterns and systems, create new models, pave new pathways, and take more territory for God’s glory.

God is revealing blueprints on the canvas of your heart.

Join Dr. Tiffany K. Jordan for three sessions during the month of December to learn how to get the vision from out of your heart, thoroughly written out, and set in motion with goals to see it through to completion.

Habakkuk 2:2 

And the LORD answered me, and said, Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it.

Nothing is achieved without vision. Your vision reveals your future! During The Visionary Masterclass Series, you’ll learn how to shape your world, and gain new sight and insight, to have an advantage

With vision as your compass, you’ll learn how to set your focus like a flint, fortify your boundaries, and elevate your standards to the level of the BIG plans that God desires to breathe through you.

Register today for three, virtual intensive masterclass sessions

December 11, 18, and 22 @ 7 PM CST to divinely discover God’s vision for your life and transform into His agent of change.

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3-Part Series

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Monday, December 11TH
7 PM CST – Pt. 1


Monday, December 18TH
7 PM CST – Pt. 2


Friday, December 22ND
7 PM CST – Pt. 3

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Friday, December 29TH
7 PM CST – Live Q&A Session
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